The Spring Look Of Daylilies

These are pictures of my 2016 daylilies which turned out much prettier than the 2017.   Such a pretty flower and they are so easy to grow.  You just pick a location, dig a hole, and put the plant in the ground. Then give it a little water.  That’s all.   It will bloom from spring to fall, and it come back every year more plentiful. You don’t have to worry about moles and other critters eating the flowers, the stems or the roots.  It is a must have in any flower garden.
Whenever I see a flower, I think how much God wants humans to be happy.  I have never heard anyone say, ” I just get so sad when I look at a flower garden, smell a rose, or feel the silky pedals of a daylily.” In fact, we send them to the sick or to funerals because of the way flowers make us feel.  I also use my photos of flowers to make homemade greeting cards.   I fine it so delightful to share this earth with such beauty that has this positive effect on people everywhere.

Don’t Touch The Tux

                                                         Meet Tuxedo

I had been checking the newspaper for several weeks, looking for a puppy to rescue.  There it was, an ad looking for a good home for a litter of 4 weeks old puppies, 3 females and 2 males.  They were mixed Chihauhua and poodle.  Their mother was a white poodle, the father was bi-colored — black and brown.  I called right away and rushed over to get one.   One male pup had just been picked up.  The three females left were all white with patches of fallow.  Then out came the other male pup I had asked for and was there to pick-up.  This moment can be liken to seeing your baby for the first time.  He was so adorable.   It was like my crushed heart pulled itself together, and wrapped itself around this little ball of black fur.

Of course I name him Tuxedo, what else.  I tried Butler (I had just seen that movie which Oprah Winfrey starred in), but it did suit him at all. He was so fighty and determined to have his way. The first night with him was sleepless, until he got into my bed.  He was so tiny, and  I was afraid of rolling over on him.  However, the next morning I found him under the covers, at the foot of the bed.

It wasn’t long before he learned to use those little teeth and swift movements to keep  people away from him.  During his first year, it took two stays at the kennel while I was away on vacation for me to determine that would not work.  My friend has offered to dog sit, but I am afraid she will be bitten by the Tux. So I have not been on vacation without him for two years now.   He makes up for my loss by looking up at me with those cute eyes and giving me a wet lick.

Maya’s Recovery

I really did not think this little gold fish would make it, but she did. This past Friday was the first week after I stopped the treatment of MELAFIX.  She lost all the gold color out of the affected area.  Otherwise, the wound is all healed and  she looks great. She is enjoying the privacy of her own tank so much, think I’ll leave her there for a while.   I just may go to PetSmart to find out if there’s some kind of tiny fish that can co-habit with her in the little five gallon tank.  I think she needs some company.  Can’t hurt to ask.

Show of the Iris

They made their appearance  rather early this year.  I can see God’s love for mankind in his creation of flowers to WOW our senses.  I could walk through a garden all day just to look at, to smell, and to touch roses, peonies, daffodils, . . . and especially the irises.  The leaves of the irises are just as beautiful as the flower, and I get to look at the leaves year round.  The flower display last about 3-5 weeks starting in March and/or April here in North Carolina.  My collection of irises consist of purple, yellow and white of the bearded iris.  There are actually 260-300 species of irises. So take a short stroll through my garden with me.

IMG_0442Time really flies.  It was my intentions to give regular updates on Maya’s improvement.  Actually, a week isn’t that bad.  Well, after 10 days of treatment she looks much better. However, I think I will continue the treatment for a few more days to insure her wound has completely healed.

My other two goldfishes, Gatspy and Blackberry ( see picture), are in the 20 gallon tank which was also treated with Melafix to kill off any bacteria was probably harboring in the water.  Maya was separated into the little 4.5 gallon tank.  Once Maya is well again,  I hope I can continue to keep them all in the larger tank.

First blog post

This is your very first post. Click the Edit link to modify or delete it, or start a new post. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

I am a lover of the written word and other life forms on this earth.  Thus my desire to blog.  I have chosen my pet dog, Tuxedo, and my goldfishes: Maya, Gatspy, and Blackberry to be the subject of blogging because they bring so much joy and interest to my rather dull life.  I think other readers will find them interesting as well.

Example of what I plan to blog: I am currently treating my goldfish, Maya, for a bacterial infection (see pictures).  The medicine to treat her cost five times more than she cost.  I’ve had her for three years and I just couldn’t bear to flush her down the toilet.  Last Friday I took her into PetsMart to see if they would take her back and give me another goldfish.  Turns out, an exchange or refund must be within 14 days of purchase.  They would not take her and dispose of her, because I was afraid to continue to handle her.  They informed me that I needed to treat my other two goldfish tank.  So I paid the $18.99 plus tax for Melafix.  After four days of treatment, Maya looks so much better.